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Architects In Love

Architects In Love

In five video episodes, four architects take a closer look at Berlin buildings they love.

Architects In Love consists of five short video episodes with five young Berlin architects who present mostly unknown Berlin buildings to the audience. The videos seek to approach the subject of architecture through a series of candid discussions with young architects in the city of Berlin. Instead of talking in the abstract, the architects present buildings they have grown to love in their own neighbourhood. It is through the prism of these buildings that the project offers a synopsis of the city.

The project was inspired by the 1970’s BBC documentary “Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles”. In the film the architecture critic Reyner Banham extracts the essence of the Californian city from a multitude of diverse and often disharmonic urban experiences. How disparate architectural manifestations can mould into a unique urban environment might also be one of Berlin’s secrets.

Each episode features an architect who has selected a building of his choice which connects to Berlin and its architecture. Episodes are shot outdoors in a rough documentary style. All buildings discussed are special, not only for their aesthetics, but more compellingly for the social and historical context in which they are placed. Collectively the videos paint a nuanced picture of architecture far removed from the sensationalism sometimes associated with its representation today.

Florian Köhl of FAT Koehl talks about a modernist private residential development from the 1920’s by Hans Scharoun as well as a public housing block built in the 1980’s by the virtually unknown German architect J.F. Vorderwülbecke. This is intriguing because Florian has worked on the development and creation of alternative co-housing models in Berlin since the 2000’s.

Stanley Fuls chose to talk about an all but forgotten early modernist shopping mall on the outskirts of Berlin which was built to supply groceries to the nearby housing estate designed by the seminal Bruno Taut. Stanley diligently relates the historic context and importance of its conservation. He formerly worked with Foster + Partners and was involved with the restoration of the Reichstag.

Magma Architecture discuss the inspiration they draw from Hans Scharoun’s design philosophy by means of the Berliner Philharmonie, a concert hall still unparalleled in its physical audacity as well as its auditive qualities.

The Englishman Robert Slinger discusses a residential tower, one of the rare realisations of the late New York architect John Hejduk, a building he experienced and learned to love as one of the tower’s tenants over several years.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Close Closer, is the third architectural exhibition running from 12 Sep - 15 Dec 2013. This year’s Triennale will examine an alternative reading of spatial practice. The programme includes critical and experimental exhibitions, events, performances and debates.

Buchhandlung Walther König is a specialist bookstore and publishing house for art, art history and architecture founded in Cologne, they have outlets located all over Germany.