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Berlin, Germany
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Robert Slinger at the Architects In Love premiere in Berlin

Kapok is a multidisciplinary, Berlin Based design practice established by Robert Slinger and Claire Karsenty in 2000.

The practice traverses various fields of design from architecture, public art and urbanism. It is through this exploration that Kapok are enabled to re-read their built environment, questioning identity and orientation within the context of the urban contemporary city. This process subsequently provokes new ways in which space can be used and interpreted.

Slinger and Karsenty both studied at the Technische Universitat Berlin (Technical University Berlin) and went on to work together at Studio Daniel Libeskind. They decided to set up a studio in 2000, which is based in Neukolln.

Operating in France, England and Germany, Kapok has gradually emerged as one of the few agencies in Berlin capable of evaluating and implementing projects within the specific legal, constructive and energetic contexts of these countries. Each project is bilingual, accompanying the clients in all stages, until the completion of the project.

The Partners

Robert Slinger was born in 1965 in Colne, UK. He has been passionately involved in the preservation of the Hejduk Tower in Berlin designed by John Hejduk for the IBA Berlin in 1987. Slinger actually lived in the social housing apartment block at one point and has spearheaded a campaign to rescue it from over-development.

Claire Karsenty was born in 1969 in Saint-Denis, France. Karsenty studyied architecture at Ecole d'Architecture Paris-Belleville.

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Berlin, Germany
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aleeshacallahan, October 10th, 2013
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