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Stanley Fuls

Berlin, Germany
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Stanley Fuls is based in Berlin and co-founded the architectural studio Code of Practice in 2009. Fuls has an interest and extensive experience in heritage restoration and sustainable projects.

Early Career

Fuls studied at the Technische Universitat, Berlin (Technical University Berlin). During this time he was involved in sustainable design projects, winning the "Schuco photovoltaic competition" in 1995 for the design of an innovative, moveable solar-panel system.

Before setting up Code of Practice, Fuls worked as one of three partners managing the Foster + Partners office in Berlin. Amongst other projects, Fuls worked as the project architect on the award-winning, Dresden Train Station Restoration. While working on the Dresden Station, Fuls oversaw all phases from design through to construction for the EUR150m Stirling Prize shortlisted restoration project, which remained fully operational throughout its seven-year construction period.

Sustainable Practice Stanley Fuls has a keen interest in sustainability. Some of the key sustainable projects he has worked on include the Frasers Broadway project in Sydney, Australia's first six Green Star masterplan designed in collaboration with Jean Nouvel. Fuls also managed the production information team for Masdar, Abu Dhabi's zero-carbon universal city.


Fuls currently works as a director at Berlin-based studio, Code of Practice, which he co-founded with Florian Boxberg and Tom Mival in 2009. The studio has several heritage projects underway, including the analysis of the social housing estate Onkel Toms Hutte, with a feasibility focus on the Shopping Mall Onkel Toms Hutte (2012).

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Berlin, Germany
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aleeshacallahan, August 22nd, 2013
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