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Magma Architecture

Berlin, Germany
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magma architecture

magma architecture is a Berlin-based practice established in 2003 by Martin Ostermann and Lena Kleinheinz. The multidisciplinary design studio has gained notoriety for their expertise in temporary structures and experimentation with new technologies and materials. They have completed projects in various sectors from cultural, sporting, residential and commercial, working with both private and public clients.


magma architecture's design philosophy is centered on the expression of spatial dynamism through the implementation of complex geometric forms - this process subsequently articulating the heterogeneity of cities and global culture. The result being spaces that are founded upon non-linear forms, space that is fluid and facilitated by their exploration of new materiality and cutting-edge technology - it is within this new architectural paradigm that magma architecture seeks to work.

Kleinheinz has also spent time lecturing, this process allowing her to express some of the key ideals which motivate Magma's work. For instance, the notion that space is a three dimensional form and as such it needs to be sculpted and developed in relation to the surroundings.


The realised work of Magma Architecture articulates their philosophical posturing through their explorations and definition of architectural form. Magma Architecture have built a portfolio of temporary and mobile structures, the Olympic Shooting Arenas was a progression from this trajectory. The skill as an architect and problem-solver is truly tested when designing temporary structures and designing for its future use.

The Partners

Martin Ostermann is a co-founding partner of Magma Architecture, working on a wide range of projects integrating architecture, urbanism and interior design. Before establishing the practice, Martin worked at Studio Daniel Libeskind for six years where he was senior project architect on the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester; the Jewish Museum, San Francisco; Hong Kong Media Centre; and the Hiroshima Peace Prize Exhibition. Recently, he received an AIA Board of Directors Citation for his contribution to the World Trade Center master-plan.

Lena Kleinheinz has extensive experience and expertise in mechanically moving and portable structures. Combined with a knowledge of high-tech materials, this enables the practice to explore and develop a diverse and sustainable portfolio of work. Prior to co-founding Magma, Lena worked for two years as a senior art director and project manager for the Swiss National Expo.02 where she designed and curated the multi-million pound exhibition, Heimatfabrik; she then spent three very productive years with the Danfoss Universe Interactive Science and Technology Park in Denmark. Lena also lectures and has held the position of Visiting Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, as well as teaching at the Technische Universitat Munchen.

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Berlin, Germany
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