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Future Architecture Platform: Archifutures - Apocalypse

Future Architecture Platform: Archifutures - Apocalypse

The Archifutures is a publishing project accompanying the Future Architecture Platform, set up by the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana

Originally conceived, edited and designed by the publishing collective &beyond, it has evolved into a pioneering digital and print project masterminded by dpr-barcelona

The series features projects and initiatives from Future architceture emerging architects that are helping to shape the architecture, cities and societies of tomorrow. The project merge the possibilities of critical editorial work, innovative printing and active user intervention allowing readers to select texts from the series online and order their own custom compilations.

The latest publication in the Archifutures series entitled Apocalypse: A field guide to surviving the future of architecture is not searching for the drama of the apocalypse, but tries to present the reality as it is; “is actually far more mundane and surviving it is not about building bunkers, it is about building resilience.”

The volume 5 deconstructs and remoulds the notion of apocalypse; to neutralize its drama and to reconsider what it means to live in an age of revelation. What are the futures that these young practitioners aim to reveal? What are the new prototypical mechanisms of resilience and survival under construction as we speak? How will they manifest themselves in the built environment?

The book has seven sections with seven guidelines, which are intended as a provocation for architects to share them, work with them, improve them, and above all use them to help build a better future. From Everyday end of the World, Adapt and Survive, Radical Hope, Between consensus and dissent, Progressive regrowth, Interdependent individuality to Our future.  

As for people around the world living under apocalyptic conditions is an everyday reality, we need to recognize how different facts as climate change, resource shortages, disasters and mass migration changes our future. The book states that surviving is about changing approaches and building resilience in an everyday way. To built a better future far from apocalyptic process requires constant negotiation to deconstruct the inefficient and exploitative systems of today within the technologies of the digital age, that are becoming tools against oppression and empowerment. What about your future?

Contributors are Bora Baboci, Maite Borjabad, Eduardo Cassina, Trajna Collective, DOMA, Liva Dudareva, Stefan Gruber, Jason Hilgefort, METASITU, Anh-Linh Ngo, Phi, RESOLVE, Skrei, Anastassia Smirnova, Space Transcribers, TAB Collective, Tania Tovar Torres, Stephan Trüby, the Unfolding Pavilion team and many more.

Archifutures. Volume 5 Apocalypse: A field guide to surviving the future of architecture. George Kafka, Sophie Lovell and Fiona Shipwright &beyond Diana Portela (Editors), English, Softcover with flaps, 17 x 23 cm, 2018, Archifutures Open bookshelf: Anne-Sophie de Vargas, Publisher: dpr-barcelona