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London, United Kingdom
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RESOLVE are an interdisciplinary design collective whose work combines architecture, engineering, art and technology in order to address multi-scalar social challenges.

The practice started with the creation of the Rebel Space pavilion, a temporary structure in Brixton, South London, which was built for the London Design Festival 2016. Since then, the practice has gone on to deliver a variety of projects in London, with a focus on community-centred design. By this understanding, 'design' encompasses both physical and systemic intervention. RESOLVE look at innovative ways of working with local communities as 'stakeholders' in the long-term management of projects, envisioning participatory design as a mechanism for socio-economic change.

Founded by Gameli Ladzekpo and Akil Scafe-Smith, alongside recent members Seth Scafe-Smith and Vishnu Jayarajan. Collaboration and co-production is a critical part of RESOLVE's ethos. Throughout their projects, the practice has worked with numerous artists, performers, engineers and even doctors, with an additional focus on working with youth and under-represented groups in society and engaging them in the design process.

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London, United Kingdom
akilresolve, February 26th, 2018
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