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The Structures Of Isolation

The Structures Of Isolation

Liminal - The Albanian Landscape Journey Through a Still Image is a research project with a photograph exhibition by Saimir Kristo and Sonia Jojic. The project travel between architecture and photography in order of active exploration of the landscape and possible relationships between inhabitants and bunkers in particular contexts and locations around Albania.

In Albania are approximately 170.000 documented bunkers, which are symbols of war and isolation. With a different spatial typologies, geographical position and structural features, bunkers were structured as singular fire units but also as elaborated ensembles of three or more, up to tunnels constructed inside hills and mountains.

Numerous typologies were created also by different locations, from seaside to valleys and mountains. The strategies of positioning were defined by borders with Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Adriatic Sea and Italy.

Albania was isolated for almost half a century, so people stayed in country’s heavily guarded geography without any travel opportunities. Not even a possibility to escape from a village or a city were they were born. A sad reality of a country as a living prison.

Liminal - A Journey Through the Albanian landscape, Research project and photographic exhibition by Saimir Kristo and Sonja Jojic, Polis University Tirana; Presented at Off Gallery, Graz