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Tercuman Newspaper Office Building

Istanbul, Turkey
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general view from the motorway (1970s)

Compared with the brutalist architecture of the neighbouring countries, it is rare to find bold and courageous architectural designs in Turkey where the limits of structural elements were pushed. One of the boldest examples from this period is Tercuman Newspaper Building in Merter, Istanbul which has been designed and carried out by Gunay Cilingiroglu ve Muhlis Tunca. Its neighbourhood was back then not developed and the building plot was not surrounded by any buildings.

Thus the building had an idiosyncratic plastic effect which could be perceived from a distance. Located next to one of the main arterial roads in Istanbul, even from a moving car it catches the eye thanks to its alluding plastic effect. The main element which creates this plastic effect is actually the structure of the building. The structure consists of 7 meter long cantilevers and 8 towers carrying these cantilevers. Thanks to these towers it was possible to create a continuous space inside the building. On the other hand, the design has also received some criticism due to its high construction cost as well as the limited usable space.

Tercuman Newspaper Building nevertheless has a special place in Turkish architectural practice thanks to its out of the box, unconventional design and bold structural expression.

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idilerkol, May 31st, 2019
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