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Oney Architecture

Istanbul, Turkey
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Oney Architecture, one of Turkey's leading architectural offices, was founded in 1988 by Mustafa Oney in Istanbul. The family company that has been pursuing the architecture tradition for 3 generations is aiming to make a difference with its privileged services in small and large scale architectural interior design projects and application areas.

High standard hotel and residence projects are known for their projects in many different areas such as management centers of multinational corporations, bank directories, cinema, sports, culture and transportation complexes, industrial facilities; Experience, innovative perspective and business sense.

The family tradition of architecture started in 1943 by Nimetullah Oney, father of the founder Mustafa Oney. Nimetullah Oney has signed many important projects for Emlak Kredi Bank for more than 40 years. The tradition, which was taken over by Mustafa Oney in 1988, gained momentum with the participation of third generation of the family in 2015. Oney Architecture, which has been awarded with various projects on several national and international architectural platforms, has been nominated for finalization in two projects at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in 2016.

Oney Architecture has business development capacity in a wide range of perspectives, from small-scale designs to the largest master plan projects on a working philosophy that combines many different disciplines. It has adopted the principle of meeting high expectations in a timely and qualified manner and has made a difference with the passing of life through preserving the functionality to the smallest detail in all projects. Oney Architecture aims to carry the family tradition one step forward through generations and to continue its services abroad by opening an office in New York where a family member has a foot.

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Istanbul, Turkey
oneyarchitecture, May 3rd, 2017
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