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Enerji Su Office Building

Istanbul, Turkey
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This is the prestige office project in Etiler, Istanbul of the company which is engaged with construction and energy sector. A 4-storied individual building has been re-designed in line with the needs of the company and the vertical circulation has been shifted to the center. In this way, it has become possible to position the offices at the facades. Designed as an office space at personnel areas, the building has two separate gardens, one at the ground floor and the other at the basement. The upper floors stand out with their dominant views. The use of lass and wood on the facade has been diversified with the use of boulders on the garden walls. The steel stairs and glass elevator tower located in the center of the building aims to decrease the block effect of the structure. The heating and cooling needs of the building is provided by the drilling made under the garden and geothermal heating pumps.

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oneyarchitecture, May 3rd, 2017
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