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Lassa Tire Factory

Izmit, Turkey
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In the 1970s, "monumentalism" stands out in the Turkish architectural production. Bearing the signature of Tekeli Sisa Architects, the Lassa Tyre Factory in Izmit has been designed in line with the zeitgeist of the era. Inaugurated in 1975, the factory is known for its scale; it was back then considered as the biggest factory built which was built under one single roof in one sitting. The most important element of the 300-meter facade is the semi-circle sectioned polyester skylights located on the roof. While they make a curve down on the side facades and create a rhythm, they provide daylight for the inner places. Those polyester skylights, brutal concrete facade and circle windows at the eye level are the main architectural elements of the design. While those architectural elements break the monotony of the facade, they also bring an industrial identity to the building.

The factory has been one of the biggest industrial facilities built under a single roof in the period it was constructed and it was considered one of the largest brutalist buildings in Turkey.

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idilerkol, May 31st, 2019
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