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The Istanbul Advertisement Building

Istanbul, Turkey
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The Istanbul Advertisement Building which has also been designed and carried out by Gunay Cilingiroglu and Muhlis Tunca in 1972 is one of the iconic buildings of Turkish modernism. Thanks to the vertical effect created by the naked concrete surfaces and also the virtual exposure of the structural elements, the building displays a brutalist approach. It has been located as to surround a small-scale historical building without coming into touch with it. The blocks have been connected with the attaching volumes at the background.

Located in an area full of historical references, the articulation of the volumes plays an important role in the formation of the sculptural expression of the building. Its segmented mass structure is one of the new characteristics which created the new aesthetic expression of the period. This kind of aesthetic expression is named as "brutalist formalism".

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idilerkol, May 31st, 2019
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