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Dosan Canning Factory

Bursa, Turkey
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The factories became pioneers in reflecting the developments of the building technology sector into the architecture. In that period, there appeared a certain need for the new solutions for the structural and spatial constructions of the factories.

For instance, the Dosan Canning Factory which has been designed by the architect Aydin Boysan in 1971 and constructed in a short period of time in Yenisehir, Bursa is one of the qualified examples of this style. The main idea of the design was the creation of the architectural form by following the structural elements.

The factory has been built with concrete carcass system; in the dining hall the folded plates shape the walls and they are connected to each other with columns which get thinner towards the floor. Comparing with the other spatial units of the factory, this kind of structural solution has given the dining hall a stronger architectural expression. While steel beams have been employed for the roof structure which expands over a big opening, fiberglass plates have been used for the light shaft.

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idilerkol, June 7th, 2019
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