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Kamhi-Grunberg Twin Houses

Istanbul, Turkey
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view from the seafront

The Kamhi-Grunberg Twin Houses, designed by Utarit Izgi in 1968, was organized in two independent units under the same roof. Twin houses, separated by a garden, were built around a two-story atrium, which connects the sea with the garden and provides good airflow.

Known for his meticulous works for architectural details, Utarit Izgi searched for new solutions in this project. With the support of the clients, he used new opportunities by employing steel structure. One of the main reasons why the architect looked into new detail solutions is that in his design he aimed for a structural system which allows for a maximal continuous view of the landscape. To do so, the roof structure has been carried with steel beams instead of using load bearing columns in the terrace. The terraces upstairs then have been carried by the roof, thus the continuous view is provided in the rooms and terraces. As a part of the brutalist expression, all architectural elements have been exposed on the facade.

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idilerkol, May 31st, 2019
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