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Goztepe Complex

Istanbul, Turkey
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The parcel which has approximately 13.800 m2 ground area is located in Goztepe region of Kadikoy district. Located between Kadikoy-Kartal direction of E-5 highway which has high vehicle density, it has a quite long facade facing the road. It is approximately 10m below the road elevation. Based on these data, Goztepe Office aims the most functional positioning . Designed as two separate blocks, Goztepe Office consists of commercial and office functions. The top 3 floors are completely reserved for office function. The commercial function most intensely takes place at the 2nd floor. Commercial spaces take place around the ramp which establishes the connection between the ground floor and 2nd floor. The ground floor and 1st floor consists of a mixed use with the majority of offices. The elliptical space between the two blocks situated on the front and back borders of the parcel with an area of approximately 1750 m2 transforms into a social area at the ground floor of the building. Office entrances, vehicle entrance/ circulation and car park entrances take place at this area. Besides, the spaces located at the ground floor such as restaurant, cafe, gym, ets opens to this space, transforming it to a common area. Another social area in the building is the ramp which cstarts at the ground floor and reaches to the 2nd floor. While it creates a walking area between the shops, it provides a pedestrian axis between the ground floor and 2nd floor. Thanks to this, the pedestrian and vehicle mobilities can be separated considerably and made under control. In accordance with the transportation decisions at the city scale, Goztepe Project aims to isolate the intense traffic flow coming from the transportation axis.

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oneyarchitecture, May 3rd, 2017
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