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SS: Giovanni E Paolo Hospital Expansion

Venice, Italy
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On 1978, one of the focus of the City Plan for health system in Venice was renovation of the complex of the SS: Giovanni e Paolo through the restoration of the conventual factories and the San Marco School for museum and the implementation of some additions to the existing health pavilions with an Emergency Department with 270 beds and other bodies intended for specialty activities.

The new buildings are alongside the conventual systems with a double inner cloister located along the Fondamenta Nova with four three-storey houses, each with its own physiognomy and occupied by specialist units. The volume of the block featuring three technology floors and it is overlooking the central courtyard of the building. In the original project, inaugurated in 1998, a double-height double-glazed porch, within the hospital enclosure, to the crossroads of pedestrian traffic between the pavilions, the Calle della Cavallerizza, placed behind the apse of the Church of SS Giovanni and Paolo.

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thedani, May 5th, 2017
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