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Teatro Continuo

MIlano, Italy
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Through this art work Burri expressed its interest in the theater, widening the notion of scene to urban space and adhering to the demand for socializing and sharing. A 17x10m concrete basement with six steel wings will compose a "free" scenography in an open-air theater. It has been built for the xv Triennale and due to unclear reason has been demolished in 1989. In 2015 has been rebuilt.

Located on the axis connecting the ideal center of Milan and Corso Sempione, the Teatro Continuo is a perspectival telescope framing and highlights the Filarete's Towet of Castelo Sforzesco on the one hand, and the Arco della Pace, on the other. The "artistic-urban" set of the XV Triennial 1973 includes also the Bagni Misteriosi by De Chirirco, and Accumulazione Musicale con Seduta by Arman.

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jovanminic1, September 27th, 2019
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