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Parco Centrale

Roma, Italy
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Parco Centrale has been part of the third edition (1979) of Estate Romana.

The architects Franco Purini and Laura Thermes were invited to transform the constellation of single initiatives into a coordinated project on an urban scale, the Parco Centrale, in order to extend the focus of Rome’s urban life well beyond the old circle of the Aurelian walls and to offer an initial response to the marginalization of the suburbs.

Four temporary pavilions ("La Città della Musica", " La Città della Danza", "La Città della Tv" and "Teatro Scientifico") spread around the city had delimited an imaginary Park. A series of cultural events have connected the point making the ephemeral part of a new use of the city.

One of the works that constituted the backbone of this ephemeral city was the Teatrino Scientifico in Via Sabotino.