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The Education Center is developed on two parallel lines, following the natural course of the land and the development axis of the town of Novedrate. The inclusion in the natural environment is instead resolved according to a relationship of contrast that tends to enhance the different characteristics of architecture and landscape in a dialectical way, deliberately resorting to a non-mimetic solution. The complex is divided into a rhythmic system of block elements, which determine the functional development of the interior spaces, divided into areas for teaching, for individual or group study, for leisure, for refreshment and for rest, articulated on three levels: a modular and flexible system, capable of absorbing any expansion and transformation. The vertical reinforced concrete structures, real support towers of the modular elements, also serve the vertical distribution and are connected to each other by iron beams, forming the supports of the vertical frames of the cube structure of the residence. The didactic and service section are located below the residential one, on a single mezzanine floor and in a basement. A central square courtyard constitutes the nodal space that connects the volumes, which develop along two parallel lines of pedestrian penetration. The plate bodies house the collective functions. At the north end of the building there was a bridge for the public road, to be placed in the trench, which divided the adjacent area from the park of the Villa Casana.

Historical Information

In 1970 IBM commissioned Bruno Morassutti to build a new Education Center in the area where the eighteenth-century Villa Casana stands, in a large centuries-old park. The complex was owned by IBM until 2003, before being transformed into the headquarters of the telematic University "eCampus". After the partnership with Angelo Mangiarotti, with whom he will design together with Aldo Favini the church of Baranzate, the apartment building in via Gavirate and the one in via Quadronno in Milan in 1967, Morassutti joins the architects Giovanna Gussoni, Mario Memoli and Maria Gabriella Benevento, and it was with them that he developed the IBM complex in Novedrate (1970-74), as well as numerous subsequent studies and projects on the use of prefabricated construction systems. The building was awarded in 1975 by the CECM with the European Prize for the best metal construction.

Via Innocenzo Isimbardi 10