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Franco Purini

Rome, Italy
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Franco Purini ( 9 November 1941), is an Italian architect, essayist, and university professor. He has designed many buildings, including the Torre Eurosky in Rome. He studied architecture in Rome with Ludovico Quaroni, earning his degree in 1971, spending his free time in company of Franco Libertucci, Achille Perilli, and Lorenzo Taiuti.

First Period

After a first work period with Maurizio Sacripanti and Vittorio Gregotti, starting in 1969 mainly in Florence and Cosenza universities, he joined the workshop "Belice 80" and after a brief period of teaching in Reggio Calabria and Rome he became professor at the IUAV in Venice. From 2003 he teaches at the La Sapienza University in Rome.

Installations and Theory

For merits accomplished in his fields, as architect and theorical ideas he has been elected Accademico Corrispondente in the academy of Arts and Drawings of Florence. Starting in 1966 he established a long life collaboration in Rome with his wife Laura Thermes, with who he participated to the Biennale if Venice and the Triennale of Milan.

In 1980 he is one of the architects called by Paolo Portoghesi to the Biennale of Venice to participate to the installation "Venezia Novissima" that will become manifesto of the post modern Architecture. His projects are dense of lines, cross references, and his structures echoed rationalism and classical tradition, with clear citations of Maurizio Sacripanti and Giovan Battista Piranesi, which sent back to the splendour of metaphysic character.

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Rome, Italy
mariathuroczy, September 2nd, 2019
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