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Residential Building of Ona and Juozas Kašubos

Kaunas, Lithuania
Dainos g.10-FOMA-small-3.jpeg
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Žilvinas Rinkšelis, 2020.

Kazimieras Sienkevicius, a civil engineer and a graduate of Ghent University, is the author of almost all the houses built on the short and narrow Daina Street. Since 1935, a few modernist-looking houses have been built here one after the other. During the Interwar period and for a long time after the war, this street was designated as a "private passage" or "nameless cross street" and only in 1970 was it given its current name. This particular two-story house, built in 1936, like the neighboring houses, has a modern appearance. The composition of the facade is asymmetrical, emphasized by the protruding Avant-corps. It has an entrance portal with curved walls and a small canopy over the door, rectangular staircase windows connected by narrow bands, and wide, tripartite windows of the living rooms. One side of the Avant-corps is slightly rounded. The part of the building adjacent to the Avant-corps is of simpler appearance, consisting of wide corner windows joined by bold bands. The building's elegance is also given by the wide balconies on one of the sides, the edges of which are rounded.

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