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Residential Building of Ona and Adolfas Sabaliauskai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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sabaliausku namas_Traku g 37 Kaunas

This small two-story residential building was built in 1938. Its author is Pranas Markūnas, one of the most famous Lithuanian construction engineers of the 20th century. He designed and built reinforced concrete structures for various buildings in Lithuania, also designed many bridges and quite a few buildings, like this one, standing at the corner of Trakų and Sopranų streets. The building has a sleek and modern appearance, typical of 1930s architecture. Its plan is rectangular, the composition is irregular. Exterior features a horizontal articulation given by the wide horizontal window openings with narrow bands below them, a staircase opening divided by horizontal bands and a wide cornice. To give the building a more elegant appearance, some of its corners are slightly rounded. The corner part of the building, which is located at the intersection of the streets, is complemented by a bold and curved balcony, which emphasizes the dynamic appearance of the building. It is one of the most elegant looking buildings on this street. The construction of this building was completed at the beginning of 1939. Inside there were four apartments with a total of 13 rooms.

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