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Residential Building of Leopoldas Malcas and Sara Ippaitė-Malcienė

Kaunas, Lithuania
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l ir s malcu namo istorine

This three-story residential building was designed in 1933 by Arnas Funkas for pharmacist Leopoldas Malcas and his wife Sara Ippaite-Malciene. The building has a rectangular plan and a symmetrical composition. The symmetry of the facade is emphasized by the main entrance located in the center and above it by staircase windows with vertical ribbons. The side parts emphasize horizontality with wide window openings and bold decorative bands. The appearance of the building is given elegance by the rounded corners of one of the sides. The ascetic looking rear facade is complemented by large balconies in the corners. Thus, the architecture of the building is modern, characteristic of that period. As it was customary for the buildings of that time, the roof is pitched and covered with tiles. Inside the building, there were two three-room apartments on each floor. Currently, the building is not used according to its original function, but its appearance has not changed much.

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