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House of Meilachas Melamedas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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V. Petrulio (AUTC) nuotrauka, 2016 m.

The building on V.Putvinskio 32A can be regarded as one of the hidden gems of Kaunas due to its location. The entrance of the structure is from the other street, which is on another level; however, since this street is narrower, the building can be regarded as more representative from the V.Putvinskio facade. Therefore, the structure seems like it is in other buildings' backyards. The design of B. Elsbergas, who is one of the most famous architects of the interwar period, and the owner was Meilachas Melamedas. The street facade of the building has a semi-basement and two regular floors on top. However, the backyard facade has four storeys and an attic, giving the impression that it was extended later. The street facade has two small balconies on its second floor with balustrades with horizontal bandings on top. Windowsills on this facade are continuous, which creates a horizontal emphasis to the building. There is a small entrance to the building on this facade; however, the main entrance is from the back facade with the stairs. There are long balconies on this facade on each floor, whose balustrades are the continuation of the windowsills. Therefore, the horizontal emphasis also extends to this facade as well. There are also two small stripes on this facade, made of brick, where the balconies and the main surface link to each other. Small elements like this accentuate the modernist language the building used.

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