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Summerhouse of Teklė Dambravičienė

Kačerginė, Lithuania
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M. Plepio nuotrauka, 2018 m.

The building on P. Masioto 12 is mostly defined as a large and unusual structure by the observers. It has an asymmetrical facade with a small tower. From the top of the tower, small wooden steps lead down to a spacious, elongated balcony on the other side of the building, which should offer a wide panorama of the various shades of forest. After acquiring land in 1920, the owner Tekle Dambraviciene build a holiday home for rent here. The resort's most beautiful and probably largest summer house was designed by the famous designer E. Frykas, the most famous Lithuanian architect. After the war, the building was nationalised and passed to the Academy of Agriculture (later Vytautas Magnus University). The building has 15 rooms in total which are at the different levels of the house. While some parts of the building only consist of a ground floor, on other parts, there is also the first floor, and the aforementioned tower is three-storey high. The facade is covered with wooden cladding. Unfortunately, the building is abandoned today and the rooms are blocked by wooden panels. Therefore, it is not possible to enter inside.

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