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Residential Building of Kliačkai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Maironio street is one of the many places in the center of Kaunas where a number of modernist buildings from the 1930s stand. One such is this building, which was built in 1938. It is known that the early designs of the building were prepared as early as 1935, but only in 1938 was the final design version made and its construction started. This building was commissioned by merchant Vulfas Kliackus and his wife Ginda. The building has three floors. The first floor had commercial premises, and the upper floors had three apartments with a total of 17 rooms. The facade of the building is asymmetrical, with a simple and modern appearance, typical of many 1930s Kaunas buildings. Horizontality is emphasized in the facade - the floors are divided by narrow horizontal strips, between which there are wide, rectangular window openings. The corner part of the facade, where the main entrance is located, is recessed, and has a more delicate appearance. Two balconies on the second and third floors add elegance to this part of the facade. They have slightly rounded corners and are decorated with narrow horizontal bands and metal railings. Although the exterior of the building is more typical than exceptional in the context of the modern architecture of Kaunas, it perfectly reflects the aesthetics and stylistic trends of the city's residential buildings of that time.

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