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Residential Building of Simonas and Marija Narušiai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This residential building was built in two stages. First, a three-story building was designed and built in 1929. However, it is not known who designed the building. Two years later, in 1931 the building was expanded with the construction of the fourth floor, which was designed by Aleksandras Gordevicius. The separation between the third and fourth floors is clearly visible in the facade - the floors are separated by a large strip-eaves. The plan of the building is a symmetrical rectangle. The facade is characterized by splendor and decorativeness, elements of historical styles, which look a bit unusual in the context of Kaunas architecture of the late 1920s - early 1930s. The central part, which contains the main entrance and the staircase, is particularly ornate. The entrance is marked by two pilasters. The exterior of the staircase, which is decorated with rectilinear and curvilinear tracery, stands out for its splendor. The pilasters between the vertical windows and four bold balconies with balustrade fences also add decorativeness to the facade. The upper part is emphasized by decorative vases and a pediment decorated with bas-reliefs.

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