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House of Officer Antanas Gedmantas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The corner of Aukstaiciu Street is still adorned by a wooden house which managed to retain its authentic appearance. The house, which has a balcony facing the street, was built in 1928 by Antanas Gedmantas, an officer and adjutant of the Commander of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union, and his family. The architect of the building was F. Vizbaras The house was constructed in a convenient and prestigious location in a growing city - right next to the city centre, the recreational areas of Kaukas Stairs and the Oak Grove, the Exhibition Hill and the army parade square, where the first song festivals began to be held from 1924. It was, therefore, a house from which you could not only watch the army parades but also listen to the songs.

The two-storey wooden house has a compact volume, which is typical of wooden houses in Zaliakalnis in the 1930s, and it reflects the trends in the construction and the lifestyle of the middle-income class. However, it is distinguishable due to its decorations, original balcony porch, and abundance of preserved authentic artefacts. As was customary at the time, the house was built not only for the family but also for rent. The owners lived on the second floor of the building, while the ground floor proved to be attractive to a shopkeeper. For this reason, a separate entrance from the street was built on the corner of the ground floor. Furthermore, the house also housed the office of the owner's sister, who was a dentist. Therefore, a separate entrance with a veranda was also added to the courtyard side of the house, which did not disturb the family life and allowed the dentist to run her private practice.

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