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Doctor Antanas Gylys Private Hospital and House

Kaunas, Lithuania
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After completing his studies in Moscow and Munich, Antanas Gylys, an active social activist and physician, returned to Lithuania and began teaching at the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy of Vytautas Magnus University. However, in 1934 he left the university and started his private medical practice in the building, which was built by architect L.Ritas in 1933.

The hospital was one of the most modern institutions of its kind in Lithuania and had a hydro-helium and physiotherapy department, which was magnificently equipped with machines and apparatus. Internal diseases and nervous disorders were treated here. However, the architecture of the building was not inferior to the modernity of the medical equipment. It was designed with the language of modernism, which was the most dominant style in the city of Kaunas at the time.

The building has four stories; however, the asymmetrical composition of the facade gives the impression that the west side of the structure has three floors, and the east side has four. This is because of having a terrace on the fourth floor. Due to the terrace next to the eaves, the main outer wall is slightly pushed back from the main surface at the western part of the building. This flat, with its open terrace, was used by the owners of the building and served recreational purposes. It overlooks V. Putvinsko Street and the New Town, giving the building a distinctive feature of the urban culture. During the Soviet era, the building was the site of a medical institution.

The building still retains many of its authentic interior details and fittings, the original Schindler elevator, and the unique wooden blinds that shielded the building's occupants from the bright southern sun. Today, the building is no longer used for treating patients - a young business is being set up here.

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