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Private House of Albertas Milvidas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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milvydo namo totoriu g 11 ikonele

During the Interwar period, treatment by private doctors was common in Kaunas. Therefore, some of them, when building their own houses, set up work offices in part of the premises. One such house was built in 1936 on Totoriu street. This is the former home of Doctor Albertas Milvidas and his wife Stanislava, a dentist. The project of the building was prepared by the renowned engineer-architect of that time Arnas Funkas. It is a two-story house with a modern and elegant appearance, which is characteristic of most of A. Funkas buildings. The exterior of the building is dominated by a combination of vertical and horizontal, plastic, and strict forms. An important exterior accent is a bold balcony-terrace with a curved corner. The main facade is modernized by wide horizontal windows, decorative horizontal bands, and a simple cornice. One of the sides is accented by a vertical stair turret surrounded by vertical and horizontal bands. Inside, the first floor was intended for work - there were offices and a waiting room for patients. On the second floor - a small apartment where the owners of the house lived.

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