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Residential Building of Jonas and Veronika Laskauskai and Vincas Petronis

Kaunas, Lithuania
Kaunas. Europos miestų statyba ir tautų ūkis, 1938, p. 38.jpg
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From book "Kaunas. Europos miestų statyba ir tautų ūkis", 1938

This light-colored three-story residential building was designed in 1934 and built about a year later. It was designed by civil technician Juozas Miknevicius, who graduated from Kaunas Higher Technical School in 1933. At that time, Juozas Miknevicius was engaged in a private design practice for some time and worked in the construction department of the Kaunas City Municipality. Therefore, this is one of many buildings designed by him in Kaunas. The appearance of this building is modernist and well represents the architecture of Kaunas of that time. The plan of the building is rectangular, and the composition is asymmetrical. The facade is quite minimalistic, with a synthesis of simple geometric shapes. As is typical of the modernist architecture of that period in Kaunas, the main facade of the building has wide rectangular windows, the horizontality of which is emphasized by bold lines. One of the corners of the building is highlighted by two wide corner balconies with simple-looking metal railings. The asymmetric composition is emphasized by the main entrance and vertical window openings of the staircase located on one of the corners. The upper part is completed by a wide cornice and pitched roof. It is worth emphasizing that the exterior composition of this residential building is somewhat similar to the nearby house at Zemaiciu Street 10, built in 1933. Therefore, it is likely that it had an influence on the design of this building.

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