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Residential Building of Employees of the Bank of Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The residential building designed in 1924 for employees of the Bank of Lithuania is one of the largest and most luxurious rental houses of the early Interwar period in Kaunas. Inside there were not only 2-4 room apartments and dormitory-style single rooms, but also separate guest rooms. A large hall and a terrace were on the fifth floor. This building of eclectic historicism style was one of the first from which the prestigious V. Putvinskio Street of the Interwar capital began to take shape. The plan of the building is an irregular "U" shape with an inner courtyard. Just like the building of the Bank of Lithuania, which was designed at a similar time, this building is characterized by monumental architecture. The main facade is characterized by an abundance of forms and decor. The first floor is divided by arched window openings, the main entrance is marked by four pilasters. The walls of the first floor have an imitation of rust, which gives more decorativeness. The first and second floors are separated by strips of balustrades between them. The upper floors have a more solid exterior. Massive pilasters and columns with ornate capitals add more decorativeness to this part of the facade. The upper part is emphasized by a broken-shaped profiled eaves. Not only the main facade is luxurious and ornate, but also part of the inner courtyard. The exterior, which has an extremely ornate, similar aesthetic to the main facade, is complemented here by a two-story arched passage. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant residential buildings of the early 1920s in Kaunas, the architecture of which shows the conservatism of that period and the pursuit of luxury.

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