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Research Library in Hradec Kralove

Hradec Kralove, Czechia
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Opened in September 2008, the new library is the result of the winning proposal in an open architectural competition in 2002. It is situated on a river bank in the Eastern Bohemian town of Hradec Kralove, near the secondary school building designed by famous Czech architect Josef Gocar (1880-1960).

The five-storey building represents a concrete construction with the final visual in the form of a monolithic concrete facade. The original shape of the building is the precast concrete letter "X".

The building is cut through in the parterre. One can walk through the building without entering the institution - library. The building creates an open public urban space, which complies with the ideas of the architects about openness of public buildings, as far as architecture is concerned.

From the path, one can enter the library, the cafe (on the south side), and the exhibition hall (north side, by the river)

Entry library hall is situated in the center of the X-shaped building. There is a main vertical communication (open stairways, and elevator) illuminated by a circular roof light. The distribution of visitors, librarians, and books takes place from the central vertical point to the four wings of the X building.

Public space is located in the two eastern wings and occupies three floors. There are bookshelves, study rooms, individual study rooms, and a service counter. In other wings there are offices, storage and on the fifth floor of office wings there is a conference hall.

The structure is made from in situ cast concrete - both inside and outside. Interior finishes are made from exposed concrete, colored floors, colored doors, white or maple acoustic panels, wooden tables and chairs, and the bookshelves are made from galvanized sheet.

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