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Dr. Salamon House

Prague, Czechia
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Four-storey building with progressive architecture was designed by Jan Gillar, the member of Paris avant-garde Devetsil Group. The building was constructed in 1938 as a result of radical reconstruction of old building of Austria-Hungary period. In spite of the construction tear and general functionalistic restraint, the building has some late features of Art Deco. We may only assume how complicated it was to reach the compromise between the most progressive and well-known architect and private builder. The building of Dr. Salamon profit house has a symmetric composition of facade, flanked with functional rectangular oriels connected by loggia parapet at the bottom. The entrance gate located on the left from ground floor shops only violates the symmetry of the main facade. Each storey of the building has window openings of different shapes. The functional character of the building is supported by the horizontal panoramic window on the third floor.

The rounded loggia parapet on the second floor with filigree forged enclosure is vividly representing the hint of Art Deco style. It is fully flourishing in the interior of the staircases, which makes a stylistic move back in time for almost 15 years. The stair landings are covered with one of the most popular visual patterns in Uzhhorod - black, grey and white cement tiles. Each concrete stair is made using faux stone technique and bush-hammering method in order to avoid slippery surface even in the course of time. The last floor still has authentic functionalistic doors that are only a few remained in Uzhhorod.

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2021
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