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Entrance Building of City Water Reservoir

Prague, Czechia
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The construction of water supply system was started in April 1930 by Ing. Jaroslav Maticka firm (Prague, Karlin). The enterprise of Maticka was laying the network of water supply system, pumping stations and installed fire hydrants. The construction of water intake facilities, water-pressure reservoirs and entrance building to the reservoir was performed by Ing. Vaclav J. Vojacek company from Morasvka Ostrava. Underground reservoirs of city water supply system are located at Kalvaria Mountain. In 1931, in order to provide access to machine rooms of the reservoir, a small one-storey building of parallelepiped shape was constructed. This building is probably the smallest among Uzhhorod public and infrastructural objects of the interwar period.

The simple space of the building is enlivened with two horizontal corner glass block windows which are specific for functional style. The top of the space is decorated with several corner tie-bars rhymed with crown cornice that is a peculiar element of Art Deco style. Apart from its composed proportions, the building has unique details: the thought-out double-light windows of glass blocks built into the floor of small terrace in order to illuminate the underground space, and elegant city emblem on the central axis of main facade performed in faux stone technique.

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2021
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