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Temporary Building of Regional Government

Prague, Czechia
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According to Adolf Liebscher's plan, the building of Regional Government was to be constructed in the centre of the Maly Galagov quarter. Near this place, on the modern Dovzhenko Street a temporary government building was erected first. The authorship of this object belongs to the Czech architect Alois Dryak, known for his works in the style of Secession, Cubism, Rondocubism, Neoclassicism, Functionalism, and others. The building was erected in the period when Alois Dryak designed his most famous rondocubistic work in Prague - the Radiopalac (1922-1925). This building served as a governmental facility till 1936, when government office moved to the completed Regional Government building designed by Frantisek Krupka. Since that time, this object was used as a residential apartment building. A three-storey building with a double-pitched roof and a distinctive cornice is constructed in the form of the letter "L". The facade is decorated with massive semi-circular and acute-angled elements that are typical for national decorative style. There is an integrated protection zone of the urban planning monument of regional significance "Complex of Historical Building".

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2021
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