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Masaryk School

Prague, Czechia
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The construction of school started in 1930 and the frame of the building with a roof was already completed by the end of the year. The building accommodated 12 classrooms for 13 classes, including 2 classrooms for elementary school. The population of Uzhhorod continued to grow rapidly. By the time when Masaryk School construction was completed on October 28, 1931, the school could not yet address the city's needs in the number of classrooms, and other 14 classes were scattered throughout the city.

The Style and the Construction

The three-storey building of this school was designed in Functionalist style. In the ground plan, the building is L-shaped. The rhythm of strictly functional rectangular window openings of the front facade is revived only with a large porch on the ground floor. At the entrance to the porch, there used to be a rectangular pylon with a flagpole that were designed along with the building. As for the architecture of that time, the building is covered with fairly high two-pitched roof. it is part of the integrated protection zone of the urban planning monument of regional significance "Complex of Historical Building".

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2021
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