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City Cinema and Library

Prague, Czechia
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The building of city cinema was erected in 1932 according to the project of talented Kosice architect Ludovit Oelschlager. The project of the building was developed in 1930, and its construction started in 1931 upon the order of Uzhhorod City Council. According to the project, the city cinema together with city library were united into a single complex. The through passage of the building was connected to the Bat`a Passage. The total amount of construction was 5.3 Mill. Czech Crowns.

The three-storey building is characterized by perfect proportions, straight lines and corners. The purified style of Uzhhorod cinema was reached with the big panoramic display windows on the ground floor and glossy opaxit glass stripes at piers between banded windows and space over the display windows. All these elements give the cinema a fashionable look. Plinth, columns and portal of the building are made of Besenov travertine. Stylish art details include a semi-circular balcony, iron flagpoles, bronze doors, etc. - these elements complete the perfectly planned architectural ensemble.

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2021
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