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Jewish House and School

Prague, Czechia
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Four-storey corner building of Jewish school and public centre was designed as an L-shaped structure and is located at the crossroads of one of the oldest city streets and a lane that leads to Synagogue and Fentsyk Square. This multifunctional complex has vivid Neo-Renaissance features, including attic with stylized merlons on the roof and a range of three semi-circular triforium windows on the north-eastern facade, and columns with spiral decor. However, the illuminating windows, the flat roof, the light-weighted ground floor with gallery of columns and the striped windows of the third floor clearly affirm the key principles of Functionalism. Five columns narrowed to the bottom are finished with faux stone technique and generously decorated with cuts alongside spiral-like flutings, while stylized capitals and the columns are surfaced using bush hammered method. The building has four portals decorated with faux stone techniques - all of them are different in plane and style. The north-western facade looks at the three stepped terraces according to difference between street levels.

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bostjan, March 3rd, 2021
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