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Ladenstrasse Onkel Toms Hutte

Berlin, Germany
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Interior photo of the shopping mall, circa 1930's

The shopping street is located at the U-Bahn station 'Onkel Toms Hutte' in Berlin. It was constructed from a need that arose for amenities and shops for the local residents of the housing complex Onkel Toms Hutte.

Design and Purpose

The shops line each side of the train tracks with the station platform located centrally. The design is purely functional in its approach using the space surrounding the existing station, following the natural 9659|slope of the site. The simple design favours ease of use and convenience above all else and adequately provides the locals with much needed infrastructure.

The mall and shops are enclosed by an overarching structure which provides protection from the weather. Access to both the U-Bahn platform and the shops is made from the North and South. There was a 9665|cinema (kino) however this is no longer in operation.

In 2012 the mall was undergoing an assessment for revitalisation. More on this can be found here: Shopping Mall Onkel Toms Hutte (2012)

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aleeshacallahan, September 24th, 2013
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