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Code of Practice

Berlin, Germany
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Code of Practice was founded in 2009 by Stanley Fuls, Florian Boxberg and Tom Mival who had practiced as senior staff in the Berlin offices of Foster + Partners and Sauerbruch Hutton Architects.

Taking a specific approach to their work, they undertake detailed analysis of context and subsequently task which formulates the foundation of their design process. This methodology was founded through various experiences in the design and realisation of large scale, new-build projects and the renovation of heritage-listed buildings.

Their work is often characterised by a reconsideration of any existing building structures and commitment to sustainability within the practice and work is always maintained. Solutions are distinguished by their flexibility, ease and efficiency.


Stanley Fuls is a founding partner of Code of Practice. Fuls previously worked for the German office of Foster + Partners, leading large scale restoration projects including the Dresden Train Station.

Florian Boxberg is one of the founding partners of the studio and has built a unique background in both architecture and information technology. While working as Associate Partner at Foster + Partners' German office he combined overall responsibility for CAD and IT administration with the management of a number of international projects. Boxberg has previously taught computer-aided design, parametric modelling and visualisation at Berlin Technical University.

Tom Mival is also one of the founding partners, he has overseen the design process of a series of innovative award-winning projects in senior positions at Sauerbruch Hutton Architects and Foster + Partners. Tom ran the competition studio at Sauerbruch Hutton and before that he worked in both the London and Berlin offices for Foster + Partners specialising in the design and delivery of energy-efficient building envelopes. He has also lived and worked in China and Spain and has taught design units at both the Architectural Association in London and the University of Edinburgh.

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Berlin, Germany
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aleeshacallahan, August 23rd, 2013
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