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Otto Rudolf Salvisberg

Berlin, Germany
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Otto Rudolf Salvisberg (October 19th, 1882 - December 23rd, 1940) was a Swiss architect born in Koniz. He worked in Germany from 1905 to 1930. Salvisberg attended the Bauschule des Technikums in Biel/Bienne and graduated with distinction in 1904. He then moved to Germany and settled in Berlin in 1908 to work for the practice Schaudt and Zimmereimer.

In 1914, he opened his own practice. After WWI where he served shortly in the Swiss army, he came back to Berlin where he stayed until 1930. He designed a variety of buildings, including the reconstruction of the Vox House, the Film Factory Geyer in Neukolln or the parish church of St. Matthew (Berlin-Steglitz). He collaborated on several pioneering social housing projects, most famously the White City in Berlin, which has since become a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

In the 1930s Salvisverg worked for the Swiss pharamaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche He designed the plan and many branches abroad as well as the company's headquarters in Basel.

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Berlin, Germany
sarak, November 15th, 2011
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