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Monument House Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany
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Conversion and extension of a listed house in Leipzig's Connewitz district. Next to a four-storey multi-family house, stood a one-storey residential house from around the year 1830. It stands out from its surroundings not just because of its height but because it protrudes 3 metres in to the street. The listed house thus marks the transition from the city of Leipzig to the village of Connewitz. In need of preservation and occupation, yet too small to accommodate a modern family of four, Ooze architects worked closely with the owners and the monument protection authority to undertake a sensitive restoration and expansion of the structure. In its geometry, the new structure seamlessly adapts to the old house, yet stands out in its materiality. The new floating building respects the historic house and, as an ensemble, they complement the building gap in the urban fabric.

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malina, November 27th, 2017
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