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House in Oderbruch

Oderburch, Germany
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The weekend house for a family with two children is located in the Oderbruch in Brandenburg and lies directly behind the dike of a side arm of the river Oder. The builders acquired the property with two existing buildings, a gabled fisherman's house and a trapezoidal secondary building in brick construction. The initial project to renovate the old fisherman's house or to partise it had to be abandoned because of the bad building fabric. Since the plot is located in the outskirts of the village, no building permit was granted for a new building, although the design followed the volume of the former buildings and promised a contemporary spatial interpretation of the former fisherman's house. Finally, a change of the external rates adopted by the municipality allowed the construction of the new house, but slightly postponed to the protection of an old elm as a natural monument.

The living room with fireplace is the center of the house, the brick floor continues in the terrace. At the side, it is extended by the open bathroom and also the open kitchen, which can be separated by room-high sliding doors if required. Above the living area is one of the two roof windows and gives the view into the sky and the tree tops free. The side bedrooms, as well as the storage room and a WC are accessed through narrow, room-high doors. In the areas under the stairs are the house technical room and a guest toilet. They are accessible through doors integrated into the built-in cabinets. The rooms in the attic are designed differently: the gallery floor in the north has only a small window to the outside and faces the interior to the living room. The room in the south, closed to the living room, opens out onto the courtyard with a large roof window. The floor in the bedrooms and the attic consists of gauges. Also in oak are stairs, interior sliding doors and built-in furniture.

The foundation of the building is flat on a floor slab. The one-storey new building consists of a ground floor with a saddle roof, whose first point was designed as a 2.20 m wide flat roof. While the middle field of the house extends openly under the roof, the edge fields each consist of two levels. Two stairs open up according to these areas. The house is built in wooden stand construction (construction timber 6/14) with ventilated wooden facade. The walls were prefabricated, delivered to the building site elementally and placed within three days. The roof was created on site. The facade consists of a tongue and groove formwork made of spruce. A special feature here is the Swedish sludge paint used, with which the rough, untreated formwork has been painted twice on site and which gives the facade a matte, almost velvety appearance. The outer walls are provided with a DWD on the outside and an OSB panel on the inside. The interior walls are clad with OSB and gypsum boards, the wooden beam ceilings as well as the roof clad with plasterboard. The large roof windows are made of a glued laminated timber frame with three steel profiles and were created together with the roof construction by the carpenter. The roofing in the area of these windows is made of pre-weathered copper, the main surfaces of the roof, as well as the secondary building, are covered with masonry bricks that match the facade's color scheme. Both the lifting windows on the ground floor as well as the roof windows each have an external and perforated wooden sliding element as visible and sun protection, the tilt windows an external wooden window sill

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bostjan, September 29th, 2017
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