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Ludloff + Ludloff Architekten

Berlin, Germany
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Jens Ludloff and Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff speaking at an Arch+ event, Berlin

Ludloff + Ludloff Architekten is a Berlin based architecture practice that was founded in 2007 by Jens Ludloff and Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff.

The Partners

Jens Ludloff studied architecture at the Technical University in Munster followed by the University of Fine Arts in Bremen with Will Alsop as his professor. In 1995 Jens Ludloff began working at Sauerbruch Hutton where he later became a partner in 1999. In 2004 he was appointed Managing Director of Sauerbruch Hutton General Planning Society.

Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna followed by the Technical University of Dortmund. In 1994 Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff began working as a project architect at the office of Josef Paul Kleihues and later at the Berlin office of Ortner & Ortner. In 2003 she worked as a project architect at David Chipperfield Architects in Berlin before setting up Ludloff + Ludloff Architekten in 2007.

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Berlin, Germany
alicelee, December 15th, 2013
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