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Berlin, Germany
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The house of the construction community R50 in Berlin-Kreuzberg consists of 19 individual apartments and shared spaces and areas. The freestanding building, surrounded by various housing concepts of the post-war period, with six full floors, a basement and a loft, is designed as a three-wheeler. The reinforced concrete construction, the reduced and partly open laid infrastructure, a modular wooden facade with different opening elements, as well as floor-like walkings, which is specially developed for this house, enable a great flexibility in the development of the ground plan. The design is based on a robust and simple building structure with fine connections on different scale levels within which the individual dwellings could be developed in an intensive process of survey, discussion and planning. At the same time, equipment standards were developed and defined together with the building community, so that the individualization of the housing cuts is counterbalanced by a common attitude towards expansion. The structured and at the same time open planning, which is practiced here, not only allows for the participation in participation, but also for jointly negotiating the type, location, size and design of common areas. There is also a two-storey utility room, a laundry room, a workshop, as well as a roof terrace with a summer kitchen, part of the program and the architecture, above the walkways, the garden and the roofed subarea in the basement

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bostjan, September 30th, 2017
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