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Kaunas' "Hope" Pharmacy

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Monika Pociūtė, 2023

Kaunas "Hope" pharmacy appeared on the first floor of an apartment building designed by J. Peras built in 1953. The 5-story house is in the typical style of that year: monumental scale, decorated with pilasters, floral ornamentation and cornice crowning the building

The interior of the pharmacy was constantly changing, until 1984, when the pharmacy's interior was remodelled in a new manner, created by Jonas Maciulevicius, with dark, modernist-style glass lamps in the ceiling that reminds of icicles, and cabinets with wooden and plastic bas-reliefs, imitating the 19th-century stylistics.

The interior of this pharmacy was decorated with the mural "Hope" painted by the artist Antanas Kmieliauskas. Because of this mural, the pharmacy was renamed "Hope" pharmacy. The pharmacy still works today and preserved its fascinating interior from 1984.


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