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Residential Building of Vosylius Kuzminas

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Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

This three-story residential building was designed in 1938 by engineer-architect Antanas Varnas, who studied at the German Technical University in Prague. This building has a modern appearance and has typical features of Kaunas modernist architecture. The windows of the building are wide, simple in shape. They rhythmically divide the main facade. The central part of the building is emphasized by a bold entrance portal, narrow staircase windows and horizontal bands on the first-floor wall. Two balconies with rounded edges in one of the corners adds elegance to the exterior. The upper part is completed by a wide cornice band, behind which is a pitched roof. According to the original project, there were six apartments in the building. The purpose of the building has not changed. However, the appearance has been somewhat changed, for example, a balcony has been built on one side of the main facade, which does not match the original architecture of the building.

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