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House of Barbora and Kazimieras Zubauskai

Panemunė, Lithuania
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Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

The house of Barbora and Kazimieras Zubauskai was built in 1930. The three-story building was mostly rented and the owner's family lived on the second floor and in the attic.

The first floor is made of logs and the other floors are of wooden planks. The house is a symmetrical rectangular shape with two-story overhangs of verandas on the street and courtyard sides. A common staircase is on the central axis of the building. The dynamics of the exterior of the house are provided by glassed verandas, a mansard structure, a broad variety of windows, and different colour shading of wooden planks. The mansard top is decorated with an original crescent moon with rays.

In 1941 the building was nationalized, a chess club and a kindergarten operated here. In 1989 house was returned to its owners, 1994 restored. The building features expressive architecture inspired by the resort environment of Panemune.

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