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House of Miliauskai Family

Kaunas, Lithuania
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R. Gruodis ("Ekskursas") nuotrauka, 2019 m.

The two-story wooden house of the Miliauskai family was built in 1931 by Valerijonas and Paulina Miliauskai. The project was prepared and supervised by engineer Vincas Ruskevicius.

The house itself is in simple square form. The facade of the house is decorated by a coloured glass staircase window, as well as balconies with lattices of geometric ornament. The house has a high masonry plinth and outdoor stairs. A canopy covers the main entrance door.

During the Soviet era, the house was confiscated and due to new governmental regulations, the former house of four apartments was converted into eight apartment houses. At the same time, several windows were widened, and a very important detail of the log wall was removed, which simply caused the wall of the house to bend. During the period, the house's facade was cleared - the decorative elements of the building were torn off. Only the corridor window, pediment and balcony fence have remained.

After the restoration of independence, the house was bought out by previous resident relative and is now being restored and renovated to its original concept. Today, there are seven apartments in this house: two belongs to the owner and the remaining apartments will be renovated and later rented out.

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